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From Where It Hides

January 13, 2023

In his last weeks of life, a man embarks into the deep forest to face death. What he finds in the depths of an abandoned mineshaft may be more than he was looking for.

10min   |   Horror 

6.Alter Laurels_540px_white.png

Starring // Gildart Jackson
Director // Quinn Halleck
Produced // Quinn Halleck
Produced // Mike Gioia, Ian Eck
Adam Hahn, Dan Punshonsmith
Cinematography // Andres Garzas
Makeup // Alex Noble
Editor // Jonathan Galliano
Sound Design // Griffin Fischer
Score // Alex Winkler


We are currently distributing through Gunpowder and Sky’s horror division, ALTER.

Gunpowder and Sky distributes content through platforms including Fubo, Tubi, Redbox, Roku, Sling, Samsung TV, and several others, in addition to its Youtube channel which has nearly 3 million subscribers.


What if you knew the day you were going to die? How would you spend your last days on this earth? FROM WHERE IT HIDES is a lens into a world where death is negotiable. In this world, there is a place so far in the wilderness, if you’re able to make it, there is an opportunity to bargain your life back. The film focuses on a man carrying himself far beyond the boundary of modern civilization to the depths of an abandoned mineshaft where, inside, the physical form of Death waits. After a diagnosis with cancer, rather than endure his daughter watching him die quietly in a hospital bed, his love and determination drives him on this impossible journey to bargain for an extension of life.

When we began FROM WHERE IT HIDES, death was something I had been wrestling to understand. At 18 years old, my closest friend had unexpectedly lost her dad to cancer. In a matter of months after diagnosis, her father had become so weak he had been hospitalized. Days later, he passed away curled in a hospital bed, miles from home. Having witnessed their moments together in his last weeks of life demonstrated love at its most fundamental level. What her father was willing to do in exchange for a few more years was a lesson in family I’ll never forget.

This film was made during the past two years while as Michael Bay's assistant. As a filmmaker working quietly in Bay's footsteps, I had the unique front-row opportunity to study Bay’s veteran skills and tenacious work ethic. I was able to apply these learned skills directly towards this film.

Working on a near zero-dollar budget, this film is a culmination of my passion for both horror and the latest techniques in filmmaking. I was privileged to work with Alex Noble and bring his brilliant never-before-seen make-up techniques to life. I’m excited to have been able to collaborate with Noble on a creature that is both stunning and horrifying.

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