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Part 1 -- Coming Soon

A three-part collaboration using the latest AI tools


An engineer (John D. Michaels) at a major tech company sneaks a skeptical journalist (Maria-Elena Laas) inside to interview what he believes is the first sentient AI (Chase Simone).



Quinn Halleck is a director and thought leader at the forefront of the AI-powered revolution in both narrative and documentary genres. His newest short-film, “Sigma_001”, defines a new relationship between AI and independent filmmakers by employing AI as a collaborator across all aspects of the workflow.


Quinn received mentorship from director/producer Michael Bay, known for his work in films like “Armageddon,” “Transformers,” and “Pearl Harbor.” Since his association with Bay, Quinn has packaged and produced documentaries alongside notable figures such as Mark Wahlberg, DJ Khaled, and Jeremy Irons.

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