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Cuebric Case Study

Released April 2024


Director  |   Editor

Case study featured on 60 minutes

Director // Quinn Halleck
Producer // Matt Wassong
Cinematographer // Drew Gardella
Costume Designer // Coxy Chiara 
Production Designer //  Ellen Olis
Colorist // Christian Whittemore

Prod Co // BoxFort.TV

Cuebric and Disguise Teams

VFX Director: Walter Schulz

Cowboy: Eric Cepeda
Astronaut: January Henry

Full Credits Below

The Goal

Using Cuebric's AI background generator, the goal was to create case study material on ROE Visual's LED volume wall. With less than 7 days of prep, and less than 2 days of generation, our ambitions were to create two unique scenes each pushing Cuebric to its limits


The Execution

Early on, we knew the best way to marry these worlds with Cuebric's backgrounds would be in production design and wardrobe. We treated their background only as an extension. Our workflow consisted of a high-level selection of the two worlds and working backward. Because the backgrounds needed to match our production design, it was important that we secured our wardrobe and set decorations early on.


Because of Ceubric's quick ability to adapt, we could update the background in real time as we replaced set dec pieces. On the day of shooting, changes were also possible for smaller digital assets such as types of bushes. or rock formations. 



Director: Quinn Halleck
Producer: Matt Wassong
Cinematographer: Drew Gardella
1st AC: Nolan Englund
Gaffer: Sam Lynch
Key Grip: Caleb Sherrill
Best Boy Swing: Christian Hernandez
Technocrane Operator: Imad Rhayem
Grip: David Trochimowicz
Costume Designer: Coxy Chiara Rodoni
Production Designer: Ellen Olis
Art PA: Claire Chronis
Art PA: Sam Gilbert
Art PA: David Baker
PA: Hayden Bushfield
Colorist: Christian Whittemore
BTS: Spencer Heaphy
Prod Co: www.BoxFort.TV
Cuebric and Disguise TeamsVFX Director: Walter Schulz
On-set Disguise Supervision: Addy Ghani
Background Designer: Barış Arda Yılmaz

D3 Operator and LED Stage Operator: Carlos Perez
Disguise Onsite Technical Support: Saori Suzuki
Cowboy: Eric Cepeda
Astronaut: January Henry

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